We had a blast last friday at Gilbert’s Music! Thanks to all our Lemon Lima-ey buds for coming out and partying!

How to stay alive on late-night, long drives

After an awesome show at PG in Evansville, Indiana, real life kicked in: It was two o’ clock in the morning central time, and we had a three and a half hour drive ahead of us. Not to mention it was Daylight Savings Time over the weekend. So a three and half hour drive suddenly turns into a five and a half hour time change… Brutal.

But hey we made it, and here’s a cocktail of the events that made it not all that shitty:

1 part wrongful accusal.
Somehow, in the complete chaos that is a gas station trip in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere, Indiana, all five of us got accused of aiding a middle-aged bald man (who none of us had ever seen or noticed was in the store) in stealing from the convenience store. Don’t ask me how or why, but it happened. And Devin got the brunt of it.

2 parts classic rock radio
Classic rock radio in the middle of the night totally kicks ass. Minimal listeners means minimal advertising dollars, which means the soundtrack consisted of nonstop Queen, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam, you name it.

8 ½ oz. of Red Bull

½ cup of attempted roadside sleep
As beautiful and serene as the middle of nowhere’s night sky is, Andy couldn’t sleep and decided to take over driving duties.

3 parts amazing weekend
All we could think about was the unbelievable times and incredible people we met over the weekend. Thanks to Whitney at Be Here Now in Muncie for giving us a place to crash, thanks to everyone that came out, and thanks to PG in Evansville for providing a really intimate, fun atmosphere and fantastic food.

Shake for 20 seconds then pour over ice… and sleep the entire next day.

Playing this weekend at Way Out Club in St. Louis. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for video updates, and keep up with our blog for more info about concert dates, and the happenings around everything Automagik.

Okay! Here is Episode 1 of “A Week in the Life” with Automagik. 

Weekly Video Troubles!

Everyone! Our first video was supposed to air today. However, due to editing issues we have to push it back to next week. Stay tuned! We won’t let you down!

Andy’s jeans post-Lima show.

What we learned in Louisville/Lima


One major thing we learned: Everyone is Lima and Louisville is a fantastic person, and you all were more than great hosts for us! Thanks to Caroline Smith, The Ugly Kids and The Radio Pilots for putting on amazing shows with us. Thanks to Zanzabar, Groamy’s and Avalon for putting up with our antics, and thank you all for coming out!

In addition to all of that, we’d just like to share with you all some of the things that we learned from this weekend.

Baron: I learned that I shouldn’t play with video cameras while intoxicated (sorry to Jenny from Bowling Green that I relentlessly had on camera), pizza can be far too hot, everyone in Louisville and Lima rules, and that I suck at pinball.


I learned that playing two shows in one day with a cold makes for an extreme bangover/half-day coma. Also, It pays to mention your band to random gas station clerks in Kentucky. They just might give your music a listen and notify you the next day that they love it via Facebook. Daniel White, you are an oh-so friendly and surprisingly caring man, and we hope to see you again good sir. 

Lastly, turns out it is possible for an american fast food chain to have a weird naked baby as their mascot/logo. Would have thought that was a territory not to venture into, but no. Turns out creepy naked babies that will haunt my dreams for eternity serve great burgers. Kewpee’s in Lima is proof of this.

Devin: I learned deep fried Oreos are delicious. I also learned that if there are pinball machines at the venue then the sound guy is going to be good at pinball. And if you lay on top of a van in Louisville the cops think that you are dead.

Also, don’t forget your I.D. in Cincinnati… Lame.

Jamie: I learned that Devin loves pizza, but hates cheese. So what exactly did I learn? Devin loves saucey bread.

Andy: We’ve all been there: you got blood stains all over your perfectly clean white pants. Classic scenario, right? Well I learned that with some hydrogen peroxide, some elbow grease and cold water with hand soap, you can get that blood out of your white pants, and have your perfectly pressed white pants back up and running for showtime within a couple hours! Big thanks to my roommate Jake’s girlfriend Cassie for filling my brain with a grandma-level of wisdom and remedies.

Next shows are March 7th in Muncie, Indiana and March 8th in Evansville, Indiana. We hope to see you all there! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for video updates on the reg! Our first video will air tomorrow at 9:00 am!


Free pizza it was. 

February 21, 22.

The Automagikal Mystery Tour


In the immortal words of one Diamond David Lee Roth, “Hey we heard you missed us, we’re back!”

After a far too long mini-hiatus, we have returned to bring back what we do best: and that’s play music for all of you beautiful people.

This Friday we will be taking the stage at Zanzabar in Louisville with the immensely-talented Caroline Smith. Then Saturday we will be at Avalon Bar in Lima, Ohio.

But things are going to be slightly different this time. Not to worry, we’ll still be bringing the same energetic lifeblood that will have you uncontrollably moving your musical bones. But aside from things such as obvious aesthetic differences, we’re going to be bringing you all along with us this time. We’ll be documenting everything, be it through pictures, words or videos, and are inviting you to join us.

That’s the purpose of this running blog: to give those that are interested a glimpse into what we’re trying to build. This is more than a story about five guys from Ohio who are trying to make music a career, it’s about finding what you are good at in life, dreaming about it every single day, and finally building the courage to give it a shot. We all can share in that feeling, whether we want to be writers, actors, veterinarians, cops, financial consultants, whatever. Everyone has a dream, but far too often we don’t chase it.

But we’re not here to preach to you: our story is much more minimalist than that. At its core, our story is about five guys that are incredibly proud of what they can do with an instrument in their hands, and want to share it with as many people as possible. There are sure to be highs, and there will definitely be lows, and nothing for us is guaranteed. But one thing is certain: whether you like our music, simply want to follow our narrative, or just have a dream and are unsure whether or not to pursue it, we’d love to have you with us, and share every step of the way.

So keep tabs on us here on Tumblr, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and give our music a listen, and we’ll be coming to a town near you shortly. Share in this wonderful journey called life with us.

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